My Top 5 Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

I really love Valentine’s Day activities! They’re super easy to put together, often require inexpensive materials and always look lovely when finished! I have published many Valentine’s Day crafts over the years, if you scan through my Instagram you will definitely find some cute and colorful inspiration.

In this blog article, I outline my top 5 most easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids. You will find all the FREE worksheets required below!


1. Color Match Hearts

I first published this activity on my Instagram about 5 years ago! I think that it might have been my first post that received a significant number of likes! To put this activity together, simply draw some hearts using different colored markers onto a piece of paper and then ask your child or students to color the hearts with a corresponding colored marker, pencil or crayon. We actually like to paint our hearts with water color paints. You can draw your own hearts or download the FREE workbook below for the worksheet that I have presented here.

The worksheet will look like this when printed.

Simply, color the hearts with crayons, pencils, marker pens or even paints! It’s fun!


2. Geometric Hearts

I first posted this activity on my Instagram in September last year. For the posted activity, I cut a heart shape from a piece of recycled cardboard. We then added strips of washi tape and painted in between with colorful poster paint.

For this activity, just print the second page of my FREE workbook that you will find below. The worksheet will look like this when printed.

Then take a black marker pen and a ruler, and rule lines between the numbers. Start by ruling a line between the numbers 1 and 2, then 2 and 3, and so on.

Once you have ruled all your lines, grab some colored marker pens and color between the lines. You can make your heart as colorful as you like.


3. Heart Puzzles

Heart shapes can be cut in half to make great puzzles! In this activity, I have made a simple color match puzzle. Simply print out the worksheet, it will look like this.

When you have your worksheet, carefully cut the hearts out with scissors.

Next, cut along the center line to make two puzzle pieces. Then match the pieces back together to make a full heart shape.


4. Loose Parts Heart

These loose part hearts are great for developing creativity and fine motor control. Simply print out the 4th page of the FREE workbook and collect all your loose parts. We used pom poms, stickers, small springs, colored match sticks and stickers – but you can use what ever loose parts you have on hand at home. Then simply match these parts to the lines.

The printed heart worksheet looks like this.

Next, match your loose parts to the lines on the heart.

Another fun way to develop fine motor skills is to paint along the lines. Q-tips make perfect little paint brushes to trace the lines.

5. Stacks of Hearts

You would know by now that I really love working on and developing scissor skills with my kids. In this activity, kids can practice cutting around the heart shapes and then order them from smallest to largest in size to make this fun “stacked” rainbow heart. Learning about object size and working out how to put them in order is a great early numeracy skill too!

The printed worksheet looks like this.

Start by carefully cutting the hearts from the worksheet.

!Remember that scissors are sharp. Adults should ALWAYS closely supervise children when the are using scissors!

Then stack the hearts, starting with the largest size heart and finishing with the smallest. You may like to glue the hearts together.

As an optional extension, you might like to glue your stack of hearts onto a card and gift your lovely artwork to a friend or family member.


Here is the FREE workbook with all the worksheets you will need to complete these activities!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope that you enjoy the worksheets. Jacinta Xx


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