Easy Math for Kids with Dominoes

Dominoes are such a great learning tool for kids. As well as helping preschoolers develop number recognition, they also help teach patterns, subitizing, 1:1 correspondence and even fine motor skills. There is such a lot of learning in such a simple toy! In the following activities, I actually use paper dominoes that I have made into a printable worksheet. You can scroll down for your own FREE copy if you would like.


This is what you will need:


Pom poms

Tweezers (optional)


This is what you will need to do:

1. Print out your FREE copy of the paper dominoes and carefully cut around each individual piece with scissors. Match pom poms to the dots on the dominoes. Count the dots and pom poms as you go.


2. You may like to extend the activity by making it into a rescue game. To do this, place a dominoes piece into each well of a muffin tray. Add some pom poms to each well and then tape down some layers of sticky tape.


3. Then carefully snip away the washi tape to reveal your dominoes and pom poms. Once the playing pieces are revealed, match the pom poms to the dominoes.

!WARNING! Remember that scissors are sharp! Always supervise children when they are using scissors!


Here is your FREE printable download:


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