Halloween Scissor Skills for Kids

I love easy scissor skill activities for kids and I love Halloween! Even though Halloween is not a huge thing here in Australia, we still love to celebrate and acknowledge this fun holiday! In this activity, you will be able to color your very own spider web and then practice scissor skills to make an adorable paper spider. You can make one of these colorful rainbow spooky spider webs from scratch or you can scroll down for your own FREE printable worksheet copy!


This is what you will need:

White computer paper

Black marker pen

Colorful crayons, pencils or marker pens

Toilet paper roll or similar cardboard tube

Black construction paper



Googly eyes


This is what you will need to do:

1. Draw a spider web onto your piece of white computer paper with black marker pen or print out the FREE spider web printable below. Then color in the web with lots of bright colors. You can use crayons, pencil, marker pens or even oil pastels to color your web.

Here is the FREE spider web worksheet for you:


2. Next, make your spiders. To do this, cut an empty toilet roll holder in half and cover with black construction paper. Position the spiders under the web and glue in place. Then add some googly eyes and black strips of paper for legs. To finish, take your black marker pen and draw a line connecting your spider to the rainbow web. If you don’t have a cardboard tube, use the FREE template to make your spider.



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