Easy Greater than, Less than Math for Kids

I loved learning about greater than and less than numbers when I was at school. My teacher had this really neat way of teaching us the underlying principals. She used this cute crocodile analogy to show us that the crocodiles open mouth pointed to the bigger number! It’s something I still remember to this day, and has proven a great way to help my children learn these math basics.

You can easily make one of these crocodiles with some craft sticks, or scroll down below to find a FREE printable version of the activity.


This is what you will need:

A piece of recycled cardboard

White computer paper

Clear sticky contact or packing tape

Green craft sticks

Googly eyes


Blue tack or a glue stick

Dry erase or white board marker

Washi tape (optional)


This is what you will need to do:

1. Start by making your game board. To do this, paste down two squares of white paper onto the recycled cardboard. Cover these squares with clear contact or packing tape to make a wipeable board. You can then write the number of blocks you will need to build in each square with white board marker.

Next, make the crocodile. To do this, take two craft sticks and use blue-tack or a glue stick to attach two googly eyes. Cut a strip of sharp white teeth from the your left over white computer paper.


2. Collect some blocks – we used Duplo blocks, and then you are ready to play. Build your towers and move your crocodile mouth to point to the largest tower.


Here is your FREE printable version of this activity:


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