Easy Halloween Math for Kids

I always associate googly eyes with Halloween crafts! Googly eyes make the best number counters, and are the perfect tool for helping kids learn some early math skills in a fun and engaging way.

Here are my favorite easy googly eye activities that will have your kids learning their numbers in no time this Halloween.


This first activity is so super simple to put together. I started by cutting some black construction paper into the spider shapes. I actually used my Cricut Maker to do this! If you don’t have a Cricut, simply cut some circles from paper and then glue down 8 little paper strip legs.

Once your spiders are prepared, label them with numbers. You can do this with marker pen, stickers – anyway that you please! I used a white paint pen. Then ask your child to place the spiders in order on a flat surface. If you have younger children or students, order them yourself.

Then simply match the corresponding number of googly eyes to each spider. You can paste the eyes down with white school glue and make an awesome art piece. Or if you are like me and like to re-use your resources, simply use the eyes as counters. By keeping the eyes unglued, you can simply clear the eyes away and play over and over!

This googly eye activity is perfect for learning about number recognition, 1:1 correspondence, subitising and number order. You will also notice that there is a fair bit of strategy involved as well. As we used different size googly eyes, your child will have to work out which size eyes they must use to make sure that they all fit on the spiders.

!Caution! Remember that googly eyes are a choking hazard. Closely supervise your children when they are using any small craft objects and embellishments, especially googly eyes.


I love this bright and colorful spider activity! To put this one together, we simply traced and cut out circles from colored construction paper. We then pasted down some googly eyes and attached 8 pegs to each spider. As well as developing fine motor skills, this activity also develops 1:1 correspondence and subitising. It is also fun for learning colors too!


The above is another super simple and super fun Halloween math activity. To play this one, simply grab some colored origami squares and lay them out on a flat surface. Then, label each square with a number. You can label the squares with any number that you like, depending on your child’s math ability and how many googly eyes you have! Then simply match the corresponding number of googly eyes to each square. Again, you can glue your pieces together, or keep them unglued so that you can use them over and over again!


My kids love this activity! To play, simply line up some craft sticks on a flat surface. We used the larger size craft sticks for this activity. Then label each stick with a number and match the corresponding number of eyes to each stick. This activity is perfect for developing 1:1 correspondence, number order, counting and fine motor skills – it can be tricky lining all those eyes up on the sticks. Again, there is a decent amount of strategy and creativity required to fit the different size eyes onto the sticks, especially if you label them with numbers greater than 9!


What are your favorite Halloween math activities? I have so many, it’s difficult to fit them into the one post! Thanks again for reading! Jacinta Xx

Here is a fun Halloween symmetry activity for you to try with your children.


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