Hello and welcome to my blog! I actually purchased this blog domain over three years ago with grand plans of blogging all the step-by-step details of the arts and crafts I create over on my Instagram. As I generally only publish the finished results on Instagram, I thought a blog would be an amazing opportunity to outline all the tips and tricks I have up my sleeve for making and creating easy, fun and colourful craft activities for kids. I also had plans of adding links to printables to help you create fun learning opportunities in your own home and even the classroom. In my mind, this blog was such a fun and colourful little corner of the web!

But…and there’s always a but!…ha ha, I always got stuck writing my first post. I would sit down and start typing, but never had anything very interesting to say. I tried introducing myself, I tried talking about my background as a Scientist and our lives here in Melbourne. It all sounded so blah! So, I have finally decided to just skip it all and get started. After all, if you decide to follow along, you will learn all about me along the way!

So here goes! Welcome to my blog! It is a work in progress and totally built by me. Enjoy!


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