Easy Halloween Lacing, Threading and Sewing Printable for Kids

Download and print these FREE and cute Halloween lacing templates. This is a super fun activity and super easy to put together for kids to enjoy this Halloween. Once printed, punch some holes around the edges of each printable template using a hole punch and then start sewing and lacing. You might like to laminate your templates or paste them down onto some cardboard before punching the holes to make them more durable.


This is what you will need

Free printable template (scroll down to print)


Hole punch


Kids plastic sewing needle (optional)


This is what you will need to do:

1. Print out this free worksheet


2. Carefully cut around each Halloween picture on the printable pages. At this point you might like to either laminate your pictures or paste them onto cardboard. Something like an empty cereal box would be perfect. This will make your sewing templates more durable and reusable.


3. Grab a hole punch, and carefully make holes around the edge of each picture.


4. Now you are ready to start threading! You can use your fingers to push the yarn through each hole, or you could use a children’s plastic sewing needle if you have one.


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