Easy Christmas Activities for Kids

This fun activity is perfect to make in the lead up to these holidays. It’s great for developing color recognition, counting and fine motor skills. And the fact that it is made from recycled and easily accessible materials also means that it is inexpensive to set up!


This is what you will need:

A piece of recycled cardboard



Green paint

Glue – I used white school (PVA) glue

Recycled bottle tops – I used milk bottle tops

Circle stickers

Pom poms

Tweezer or tongs


This is what you will need to do:

1. Cut a piece of recycled cardboard to size. You can use any size piece of cardboard that you like. Use a pencil and ruler to draw a triangle shape and then paint it green. You might also like to paint a star on the top of your tree. I wish that I had! If you do not have green paint, you can always use crayons, marker pens or even pencils.


2. Once your green paint is dry, glue down the bottle tops onto the tree. I lined our bottle tops up in rows, but feel free to spread them across your tree in any pattern that you like.


3. Label the bottle tops with some colored circle stickers. If you do not have circle stickers, you could always cut some small circles from colored paper and glue them down instead.


4. Match the pom poms to the bottle tops. Repeat and play over and over again. We used tweezers to transfer the pom poms to the bottle tops – this is great for developing fine motor skills – but feel free to use fingers, a peg or any other tongs that you might have at home!


I hope that you enjoy this activity! Let me know how you find it! Jacinta Xx

If you are unable to make one of these Christmas trees yourself or if you would like a quick alternative, try this fun, FREE printable version of the game.


And here are a couple more FREE holiday printable worksheets for you! There is a match the upper and lower case letter game, a count and color game and, a find and color the shapes game!


I would love you to share these fun worksheets to Instagram! If you do, please tag me so that I can see how you used them.


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