Easy Science for Kids

I really love this magic milk science experiment for kids. It only requires easy to source ingredients, it works every time and it’s always fun! We have put a simple Valentine’s Day spin on it today to make it extra fun and topical!


This is what you will need:

A shallow bowl or dish

Full cream milk

Cookie cutters (optional)

Food coloring

Dish washing liquid



This is what you will need to do:

1. Carefully pour a thin layer of milk into your dish. Place the cookie cutters into the milk.


2. Gently drop colored food dye into the milk. You can use any colors that you like. We added red, pink and purple to fit in with our Valentine’s Day theme. Remember to drop the food dye inside the cookie cutters too.


3. Next, take a Q-tip and dip it into the dishwashing liquid. You won’t need a big scoop, just dip the Q-tip in the dishwashing liquid, leave it for a second or two and then remove. Once you’ve removed the Q-tip from the dishwashing liquid, place it into the milk. Watch the milk dance!


Why does the milk dance, what is the Science behind it:

  • Milk is not just white water. It is full of MOLECULES called proteins, minerals and fats.
  • When you add the detergent to the milk, the detergent chases the fats in the milk.
  • Because we added the food colour we can see this game of chase in the dish.

Thank you for reading! Here is a fun and FREE Valentine’s Day number match game for you! I hope that you enjoy!


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