Halloween Patterns for Kids

This cute spider activity is perfect for helping kids learn about shapes and patterns this Halloween! Simply print out the templates below, snip the shapes carefully with scissors and then paste them onto the spider legs to continue the patterns. This activity is great for developing early numeracy skills, scissor skills and fine motor skills. And it’s heaps of fun too!


This is what you will need

Construction paper


Recycled cardboard

Glue stick


Washi tape (optional)


This is what you will need to do

1. Cut a spider shape from black construction paper and glue it down onto a piece of recycled cardboard. Add some stickers to start a pattern. Your pattern could be simple alternating patterns or more complicated ones that involve 3 or more colors or shapes. You might also like to add a border of washi tape to finish your game.


2. Next ask your child to finish the patterns with their stickers. We used small square stickers, simply because that’s what we had on hand. You could use sticker dots or even paints and Q-tips to finish the patterns.


Here is the FREE printable file for you!


Here is what the FREE printable worksheets look like. They are so cute!!


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