The Best Process Art for Kids

I just love this super easy and simple process art project for kids. The resulting art piece is bright and colorful, and the process itself is virtually mess-free. Best of all, you will only need four simple materials, and you can use either paper or plastic drinking straws – whatever you might already have at home. This project is so much fun that adults will want to join in too!


This is what you will need:

Recycled cardboard


Clear sticky contact

Drinking straws


This is what you will need to do:

1. Cut a frame shape from a piece of recycled cardboard. I painted my frame with black acrylic paint, but this is completely optional. Feel free to either paint yours or leave it plain.


2. Stick a piece of clear contact to the frame, making sure that the sticky side is facing up.


3. Using scissors, very carefully snip the straws into different lengths.


4. Next is the fun part! Start pressing the straw pieces onto the clear contact. Press them down in all different directions and angles. Be as creative as you like!


5. Keep pressing the pieces of straw down until you have filled your entire sticky contact canvas. You may have to trim down some small pieces to fit into the really tiny spaces.


I really hope that you have fun with this amazing process art project! It is such fun for kids of all ages – and adults too! Enjoy. Jacinta Xx



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